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Stability netting

How to choose the right stability netting?

We at Greenflex often get the question why specific netting types exist and how to choose the right stability netting for your product. We offer 10 different kinds of stability netting, and each of these nets are designed and manufactured for…

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Internship at Greenflex

Doing an internship at Greenflex

In 2014, Piet Vangroenweghe restarts the family business in close partnership with the production facility in Malaysia. By opening our new distribution center in Roeselare, the sales, logistics, and R&D activities are again situated in Belgium. Our new distribution hub allows us to

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Elastic loops
Elastic loops

What are the applications of elastic loops?

Decades ago, supermarkets and poultry processors used to hand tie their products. High costs and a high chance of cross-contamination were the main issues in this process. The primary use for these elastic loops

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Sustainable food packaging

What is the PaperSeal?

At Greenflex we are constantly searching for new products and how we can serve our customers even better. Next to that, taking care of our planet is highly valued by Greenflex. For these reasons, we would like to introduce our new sustainable packaging solutions that will allow

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Does your food need netting?

Our nets offer the support your food needs!