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About Greenflex

Driven by expertise, innovation and service

Greenflex is a Belgian manufacturer and distributor of textile netting for the food industry. Our company DNA consists of 3 crucial elements: a deep-founded expertise, an innovative mindset and an unparalleled customer service

Thanks to our hands-on mentality and pragmatic flexibility, we guarantee a fast delivery worldwide. Greenflex is a young company, but we rely on an extensive pool of technical know-howAnd that’s how we make a difference: we thrive by sharing our expertise with you and it’s our personal goal to match each food netting question with a custom solution


We have more than 40 years of experience in food textiles.

Wide range of textile food packaging

We have the perfect net for every food demand.

Value for money

We aim to offer you the best netting solution at the best price.


Start of production in Belgium

Start production of netting in Belgium

Initially the netting production started to serve the tree nursery industry and was used to pack the root balls for transportation.
In a later stage, the company specialised in the production and distribution of elastic netting for the meat industry.
The factory was located in Roeselare (Belgium).

Opening factory Malaysia

Opening factory in Malaysia

This was the start of global scaling. Having a production in Belgium and in Malaysia allowed us to shift from a European supplier to a global supplier.

Complete move of production from Belgium to Malaysia

Expanding markets worldwide

With a presence in Europe and Asia, we cover all major markets globally.

Eke warehouse: manufacturer and provider of textile food packaging

Rebranding in Europe – founding of Greenflex 

Piet Vangroenweghe restarts the family business. Sales, logistics and R&D are now situated in Belgium again and the range of textile food packaging solutions expands continuously.

Roeselare Warehouse: manufacturer and provider of textile food packaging

Opening new distribution centre in Roeselare

Opening of the brand new distribution centre in Roeselare. Our new home base is a carbon neutral building, an innovative hub where all the Greenflex magic happens, from R&D to the daily logistics.  


Participation IFFA 2016,2019 and 2022

Greenflex is present as an exhibitor at the world’s largest and most prominent international trade fair for the meat industry. Click here for more info.


Meet team Greenflex

They call us the new kids on the block, we call us an ambitious force to be reckoned with. Team Greenflex is a firm believer of the blue ocean strategy: we keep reinventing ourselves with an open and proactive mind. That’s why Greenflex is on an infinite quest for new ways to help our clients. Every step of the way, we keep the following question in mind: What can we do for you?

Piet Vangroenweghe image

Piet Vangroenweghe


Simon Landsheere image

Simon Landsheere

Sales & marketing

Based in Belgium

Our distribution centre situated in the heart of Europe is the ideal base to serve our clients worldwide.

Greenflex building


Our experience can be tracked down to the 1980s. Fast forward to today, Greenflex is an internationally renowned producer and distributor of elastic netting for the food industry. We combine our inexhaustive technical know-how with the newest improvements in terms of traceability and food safety (FSSC 22000). Today, our netting solutions are sold worldwide. But we are always on the lookout for new partnerships, where we can offer the needed net support.


Innovation is the keystone of our company. At Greenflex, we pair our expertise with a young, innovative mind. Thanks to this unique combination, our R&D game is strong. Not only do we offer the largest range of netting solutions, we are also constantly researching new products and possibilities. An important part of our research is dedicated to achieving the sustainable development goals. Finding biodegradable alternatives for our nets and ways to make our production more sustainable are examples of this. Thanks to our out-of-the-box ideas, we help shape the future of the food industry, one food net at a time.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Next to innovation and expertise, Greenflex focuses on having a positive impact on our employees, customers, and suppliers. Greenflex has clear moral and quality standards for its stakeholders which are translated into our company policies.  Additionally, we take great interest in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and implement them as much as possible. 

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