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This revolutionary tray is ecological & sustainable as it is made from a pre-cut cardboard and a protective plastic foil. The foil can be easily removed from the packaging allowing to sort and recycle. Furthermore the cardboard is made of 1 piece which eliminates the risk of leaks. This has a tremendous effect on the shelf life of your products.



The SlimFresh®️ exists of a flat cardboard, a thin high barrier foil liner and a vacuum skin foil on top, which acts as an invisible second skin around the product. This coating offers the possibility of extending the shelf-life of the food, guaranteeing greater freshness and durability over time. After usage, these different layers can be easily separated from each other which results in a recyclable packaging.



The SliceFresh®️ is a successful spin-off creation of the SlimFresh®️. This consists also of the same cardboard and a thin high barrier foil liner, but the difference with the SlimFresh®️ is the MAP packaging. This allows the end consumer to get the same experience as with the normal sliced packages, but this one is recyclable.


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