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How to choose the right stability netting?

The right meat netting for your product

Choos the right meat netting

We at Greenflex often get the question why specific netting types exist and how to choose the right meat netting for your product. To choose the right meat netting it is important to know what the main application for the netting is. Meat netting is commonly used for smoking, boiling and roasting processes. Additionally, presentation netting can give your product the extra authentic dimension it needs. We offer 10 different kinds of meat netting, and each of these nets are designed and manufactured for a specific application within the meat process. Depending on the needs of your product and the expectations of your customer, ican be a challenge looking for the right net for your product. This is why we developed a user-friendly tool to help determine the right netting for your application. 

Based on some very simple questions about your product and expectations, our tool can guide you towards the right netting choice and it will enable our sales team to determine what Greenflex’ product will be the right fit for your specific application.

We encourage you to take this quick survey and contact us if you have any further questions!

How to choose the right meat net?

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