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How to use our stockinettes as a marketing tool for your brand?


Meat carcasses often get damaged during transportation. A stockinette helps to keep these in perfect condition. Furthermore, it helps the carcass to maintain its red color and weight. 

Next to preserving the color and weight of your carcasses, stockinettes can also be used as a marketing tool. Greenflex offers branded stockinettes available in multiple colors printed with your logo. Find out below what your possibilities are of increasing your brand awareness by using the Greenflex stockinettes.

Stockinettes met logo

Stockinettes with your logo

The stockinettes are made of cotton or polyester and are available in pre-cut pieces (= premium print) or rolls (= standard print). Cotton stockinettes are available in white, black, red, blue, green, and yellow, whereas the polyester stockinettes can be designed in white or black.

As for pre-cut pieces, the stockinettes are initially sewed and cut before your logo is printed one by one on the fabric. We can mix 3 different colors in your logo, but we recommend you to chose 2 colors for a clear definition. Your logo can be printed in every position.

An added benefit of pre-cut pieces is the possibility of premium printing. This ensures that your logo will not stretch when it is pulled over the carcass. Unlike standard printing, your logo will retain the same shape during use.  

When the stockinettes are produced on rolls, your logo is printed continuously. This means that we place the fabric in the printing machine and start to print your logo. Only one color is available for the logo print. We print every meter or every 50 cm as a standard. However, Greenflex offers tailor-made solutions. Greenflex can therefore print the required size at your request.

Interested in how all of this works? Check out the 5 steps of success below.

Pre-cut pieces vs rolls

Pre-cut pieces


5 steps to success

Identify the specifications

  • Materials
  • Colors
  • Print location

Send your logo in PDF format.

After receiving the specifications, Greenflex will find the right design for your company and make you an offer. Optionally, we can send you samples of existing branded stockinettes.

Awaiting your approval of the offer, we can send you a digital mock up with your brand.

Finally, when receiving your final approval, your stockinettes are ready to go into production. After 4-5 weeks the stockinettes are delivered and ready to use.

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