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What are the advantages of stockinettes for your meat carcasses?

What are stockinettes?


Stockinettes are the quickest and smartest way to wrap your meat. They are primarily used to cover, protect, and keep the carcass clean while also assisting with handling and transportation.

Stockinettes are high-quality netting that can be used on a variety of carcasses and joints. Stockinettes have several advantages for your meat and your production efficiency:


It prevents the meat from drying out by drastically reducing water evaporation. The stockinette has an influence on reduction of drip losses.


Our stockinette protects your product from damage, pollution and transport.


Stockinettes guarantee a clean and professional look for your product. Did you know we can brand your logo on our stockinettes?


It keeps your meat fresh, and it maintains the red color of the meat.

What if you don't use stockinettes?

An independent study compared and quantified the effect between a carcass with a stockinette and without a stockinette. 2 veal carcasses with bone who have matured for 6 days were conditioned with and without a polyester stockinette. The meat was stored in a cold room for 8 days.

On day 0, 4 and 8, a sample of the meat was tested based on 3 different aspects:

  • Relative weight loss
  • Color analysis
  • Monitoring of the total flora

Types of stockinette





Small (black)

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