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Who is Greenflex?


Greenflex is a Belgian manufacturer and distributor of textile packaging products for the food industry. Our roots go back to 1981 when we started the production of netting in Belgium. Initially, our netting served in the tree nursery industry where it was used to pack the root balls for transportation. With the introduction of new products for different markets, we saw a great opportunity in the production of meat netting. During the eighties & nineties, we have built strong relationships with both our customers and suppliers, which has led us to take further steps in growing the Greenflex network we know today. In 1994, we opened a new production facility in Malaysia. This allowed us to further expand our sales territory on a global scale.

Greenflex building

In 2014, Piet Vangroenweghe rebranded the family business. The sales, logistics, and R&D activities are now situated in Roeselare (Belgium) again, and the range of textile food packaging solutions expands continuously. The Greenflex’ brand was born.

Greenflex video

A video says more than a thousand words, watch the video below to find out what Greenflex stands for!

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Our company DNA

Our company DNA consists of three important elements. We offer deep-founded expertise with more than 40 years of experience in textile packaging products for the food industry. We combine our inexhaustive technical know-how with the newest improvements in terms of traceability and food safety (FSSC 22000). Together with the unparalleled customer service we aim for, we strive to offer the solution for your food packaging needs.

Our hands-on mentality and flexibility ensure a fast delivery worldwide. We put 40 years of expertise to good use, but always with a young and innovative mindset. The result is a wide range of products and technical know-how. We offer the perfect net for every food demand. Thanks to our out-of-the-box ideas, we help shape the future of the food industry, one food net at a time.

Mission and values

Our mission

Transform the textile packaging industry while improving our employees’ lives and leaving the world a better place.

Our values

  • Move Forward: Disrupt and innovate. Constantly pursue progression and improvement. Push yourself and others to think broadly, go further and achieve more.
  • Move Fast: Work quickly and get things done. Value simplicity and cut red tape. Take risks and learn from mistakes.
  • Work Outward: Safety, quality, integrity and attitude. Take personal behavior seriously and put the success of the team above your own. Think about how your work affects others.
  • Act as Owners: Treat the company and its resources as if they’re your own. Trust other’s capabilities. Understand that as the organization succeeds, you succeed.

Greenflex and innovation

Greenflex maintains an innovative mindset and is always looking for new ways to support our broad network of valued clients. We thrive to unleash our creativity, share our experience and know-how in order to offer the ideal packaging solution for our customers. For each food packaging question, we offer a custom solution.

Our R&D game is strong. Our team is continuously looking for innovations within the niche of the packaging industry we are operating in. For instance, have a look at our sustainable food packaging, which is a great answer to the global plastic reduction requirements. Besides, some of our products can also be used in other markets than the meat industry (i.e. the beer industry).

Next to that, we contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals by reducing our carbon footprint. A great example of this is our brand new facility in Roeselare, Belgium. Our building is certified as a Nearly Zero-Energy Building (NZEB). Our building has a great energy performance because of its heavy insulation, solar panels, and innovative structure. The low amount of energy that it requires is mostly gained from renewable sources, which is another example of how we contribute to a better world.

We improve our product range step-by-step. With the entrance of the Green Deal in Europe, we adapt our current products to the needs of today, but we also introduce new products that are sustainable by design. For example, the design of Paperseal, Slimfresh, and Slicefresh reduces the plastic component by over 80% in food packaging. Additionally, we are developing sustainable netting by using biodegradable yarns which makes sure that our nets can return to nature.

Our products

Greenflex offers a wide range of industrial textile packaging to its customers around the world. We always listen to the needs of our customers and help them with their packaging issues. By doing this, we had the chance to introduce our products to several industries including meat, poultry, beer, cheese, etc.

Does your food need netting?

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