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Matthijs De Lombaerde – student Internationaal Ondernemen, 09/12/2020

Following an internship is a way to gain experience. Following an internship at Greenflex is that and so much more. During this internship I was not only able to learn everything about the operational side of a company, the different programs and tools, but I was also able to have a direct impact. I became fully involved in the operation of the company where I was considered a full member of the team. At Greenflex, there is an open working atmosphere where my opinion was also important in various decisions. As a student, I believe that the 


opportunity to showcase your knowledge and ability is critical in developing your professional career. At Greenflex I was not only given the opportunity to show my knowledge and skills, I was also given every opportunity to build on this.

During my 15 week internship I came into contact with almost all aspects of the business world. My internship started with an on-boarding and building up the necessary market and product knowledge. After that I was further involved in all kinds of projects and the operation of the company. Mapping potential (international) customers, analyzing and contacting them was one of my biggest projects. This was done with the help of various tools that I got to know and master at Greenflex. Furthermore, I was introduced to the different marketing tools and I was given the opportunity to develop a few marketing campaigns. In addition, I was also involved in the general operation of the company, such as outbound sales, logistics, sending samples and so much more.


I chose this internship for 2 big reasons. First, because it is a smaller company. This gave me the opportunity to come into contact with many different aspects of business in close collaboration with my colleagues. The second reason why I chose an internship at Greenflex is because it is a company with many international relations. Greenflex’s customers are spread all over the world, so that the international aspect is certainly present.

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