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Our extensive textile packaging solutions offer the support your food needs. With a strong emphasis on meat netting, Greenflex has a net for every food segment, from high-quality meat and cheese to top-notch beer, and everything in between. Not only do we have the largest variety of textile packaging on the market, but we also produce our own food nets. Every net produced by Greenflex is identical and proves to be a very smooth step during your production process. At a steady production pace of more than 100 kilometres of netting a day, 24/7, we match even the biggest need for a trustworthy textile support for your food. We pour our advanced technical expertise into a perfectly even pattern. By doing so, our elastic netting enhances the exclusive look of your food to perfection.

Our nets set the tone for the netting industry. And they are here to stay.

Use our stability net for it's proven quality thanks to the knitting technique


Easy peel meat netting thanks to smaller squares

Micromesh netting

Process netting has force and a permeable structure


Give the extra packaging touch to your food products

Presentation netting

Use elastic loops for poultry trussing or meat tying


Elastic twine helps to increase the efficiency of meat tying


Reduce weight loss by using our stockinettes


Packaging netting leads to a nice presentation and good protection of your food products


Does your food need netting?

Our nets offer the support your food needs!