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Cardboard Packaging

Our cardboard packaging is designed to both make your products stand out and reduce the use of plastic. Whether it’s meat, fish, ready-meals or fresh fruits and vegetables, we offer high-quality, sustainable solutions to meet your specific needs.



SlimFresh® consists of cardboard with a thin film on which a skin film is applied, resulting in a longer shelf life of your product and optimal visibility on the shelves.


This is a MAP variant of SlimFresh®️, made of cardboard and a thin film, specifically designed to pack slices while maintaining maximum exposure on the shelves.


Discover our range of PaperSeal®️ trays (MAP, skin, oven safe,… ) which contain 80-90% less plastic, are 100% recyclable and provide high quality and equal shelf life.


Paper2Skin enhances your brand image and ensures effortless package opening. The slices are easily separated despite the skin packaging.

Pressed Board Trays®

Pressed board trays offer an eco-friendly and economical alternative to CPET and PP plastic trays, made of cardboard with various printing options.

ProducePack™ Punnet

ProducePack™ Punnet offers a sustainable alternative to traditional top-seal fruit and vegetable packaging, made from recycled cardboard, which allows you to stand out on the shelf.


Five steps to success

1. Discover our range

Explore our wide range of sustainable packaging sizes on our website or with the Greenflex team.

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2. Specifications

Determine specifications based on your machines, your product, desired volume and launch date.


3. Offer

After receiving the specifications, Greenflex will find the right solution for your business and prepare a quote for you.

4. Prototype

After your approval of the quote, we can check if we can arrange a prototype based on your requirements and graphic needs.

5. Launch

Explore the capabilities of your machines and adjust where necessary. After your final approval, your product is ready to be launched.

Cardboard packaging

What is SlimFresh®?

The SlimFresh®️ exists of a flat cardboard, a thin high barrier foil liner and a vacuum skin foil on top, which acts as an invisible second skin around the product.

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