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The SlimFresh®️, designed and patented by Mondini, consists of flat cardboard, a thin high-barrier film and a vacuum skin film, which acts as an invisible second skin around the product.

Thanks to its tight seal and oxygen-free environment, SlimFresh®️ prevents leaks, extends shelf life naturally, curbs food waste, and upholds product integrity.

What’s more, its commitment to sustainability shines through its 100% recyclable design. With the “easysplit pre-cut” corner, separating cardboard from plastic becomes effortless, aligning perfectly with SlimFresh®️’s dedication to environmental responsibility.

Innovative and sustainable skin packaging

The skin packaging offers the possibility of extending the shelf life of the food compared to MAP packaging.

In addition, this SlimFresh packaging is a great advertising tool because of the fully printable carton (in up to 4 colors, CMYK), while film and cardboard can be perfectly separated using the “easysplit pre-cut” corner.

Benefits of SlimFresh®


Product presentation

The cardboard of the SlimFresh® is fully printable for marketing purposes.


Plastic and cardboard are perfectly separable for recycling.


Slim packaging allows you to transport more products per pack and more products per truck.

Longer shelf life

Due to the lack of oxygen, the food product has a longer shelf life, without additives.


In practice

Curious about the possibilities for your product?

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