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In addition to our textile and cardboard packaging, we also offer an extensive range of consumables. We offer a range of products including skewers, plastic skin trays, interleavers, biodegradable nets for fruits and vegetables, and beer nets. With our extensive selection of consumables for the food industry, we offer solutions for all your packaging needs, with quality always at the forefront.



A skewer is essential for making saté-sticks and other meat or fish preparations.

Plastic skin tray

A plastic skin tray is groundbreaking when it comes to packing meat. The barrier guarantees optimum shelf life.

Meat saver paper

Meat saver paper serves as separation paper for fresh foods or as a pad for meat trays.

Fruit- & vegetable net

Our biodegradable fruit and vegetable nets are made for high-quality cellulose fibers.

Beer net

A beer net can be used during the brewing process. Infuse your brew easily with a beer net.

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