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Textile Packaging

Our textile packaging products provide the support your product requires. With a strong emphasis on elastic netting, Greenflex has a net for every product. We offer the widest variety of textile packaging for the food industry.


Stability net

Our stability net guarantees a consistent pattern, made possible by our advanced knitting technology.

Micromesh net

The small squares of a micromesh net allows the force of the net to be better distributed over the meat.

Patterned process net

With these innovative process nets, no meat is lost after peeling, so the classic net pattern is perfectly preserved.

Elastic loop

An elastic loop is ideal for tying or binding poultry or meat. Available in a variety of materials and colors.

Static twine

A static twine is suitable for binding or hanging food items. It is available in various types and colors.

Elastic twine

Our elastic cord or twine is designed to fit perfectly into the most renowned tying tunnels.


A stockinette protects a carcass and preserves its perfect condition. It helps maintain color and weight.

Process net

A process net has a two-in-one effect by combining strength with a closed but permeable structure.

Latex-free net

Latex-free products manufactured without natural food-grade rubber, making them allergen-free.

Straight cut net

A straight cut net is perfect for tournedos and roasts. It guarantees the same cut every time.

Presentation net

A presentation net gives your product the extra dimension it needs. The possibilities are endless!

Extrusion net

An extrusion net is an excellent way to present, protect and handle your products.

Specialty net

An exclusive net is the ultimate solution for those looking for customization and efficiency in meat processing.

Plastic-free net

A plastic-free net is produced without plastic materials. It is more durable and has less impact on the environment.


A net for every food segment,
from premium meat to
premium beer and everything in between

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Large selection

We have the largest variety of textile packaging on the market, but also produce our own nets.



Every net Greenflex produces is subjected to rigorous quality controls to ensure that your production process is always smooth and stable.

Advanced technical expertise

We offer our nets with a perfectly parallel pattern. In this way, our nets can enhance the exclusive look of your product to perfection

Textile packaging

What is elastic twine?

Elastic twine is ideal for tying or trussing many sorts of meat. It works great with roasted chicken and turkey, as well as hams. The twine is composed entirely of natural high-grade cloth that is both environmentally friendly and food safe.

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Textile packaging

What is the intended use of meat netting?

Greenflex commissioned a study done by KU Leuven to investigate the intended use of our different types of meat netting. The intended use of meat netting is to form and shape a variety of meat and poultry products during meat processing.

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