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Micromesh net

Do you have problems with a damaged meat surface after removing the net? Then a micromesh net is the ideal solution for you!

A micromesh net has fine meshes that ensure that the force of the net is better distributed over the meat. This leads to an easy-to-peel net. The higher compression results in a more efficient slicing process.

Micromesh net

Product types

Voorbeeld van het sigma micronet


Omga type van micronet




Custom micromesh nets to improve your
production efficiency

Pre-cut pieces

Pre-clipped pieces

Jumbo rolls

Loose in a box


Micromesh nets are distinguished by their fine mesh, which plays a crucial role in maintaining the quality and efficiency of the meat product. Thanks to the fine mesh structure, the net will not penetrate too deeply into the meat during the cooking process, which helps maintain the integrity of the meat and creates an attractive appearance.

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