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Cardboard packaging

What is SlimFresh®?

The SlimFresh®️ exists of a flat cardboard, a thin high barrier foil liner and a vacuum skin foil on top, which acts as an invisible second skin around the product.

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Textile packaging

What is elastic twine?

Elastic twine is ideal for tying or trussing many sorts of meat. It works great with roasted chicken and turkey, as well as hams. The twine is composed entirely of natural high-grade cloth that is both environmentally friendly and food safe.

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About Greenflex

Who is Greenflex?

Greenflex is a Belgian manufacturer and distributor of textile packaging products for the food industry. Our roots go back to 1981 when we started the production of netting in Belgium. Initially, our netting served in the tree nursery industry where it was used to pack the root balls for transportation.

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