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Patterned process net

Our premium process nets with unique patterns are the ideal solution for packing meat with maximum yield and enriched quality. On one hand, it preserves the charm of the traditional net pattern. On the other, it provides the option for a distinctive appearance with hexagonal or diamond-shaped designs.

These innovative process nets hold the meat together perfectly, eliminating the need for collagen in production. Moreover, a flavor or aroma can be added to the netting, again boosting production.

Patterned process net

Product types

Classic net pattern

Customize the patterned process net to improve your production efficiency

Gel coating

Release agent

Smoking flavor

Coating with color


A patterned process net is a cooking net in which, among other products, boneless hams and roasted turkeys can be filled perfectly with optimal results. The hams or turkeys can be shipped to the customer after the cooking process without any loss. At Greenflex, we offer you a complete solution, such as the addition of aromas or flavorings.

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