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A stockinette helps to keep a carcass in perfect condition. In addition, it helps maintain the color and weight of the carcass.

Greenflex offers stockinettes for lamb, beef, veal or pig. Due to its elasticity, the net adapts perfectly to the shape of the carcass.

Our stockinettes are not only GFSI compliant, but also Halal certified.


Product types




Small (white or black)

Tailor-made stockinettes to improve your production efficiency

Pre-sewn pieces (stockinette meat bags)

Your logo printed

The use of pre-cut pieces in practice.

The use of stockinettes on a roll in practice.


A stockinette plays a crucial role in the careful handling of your carcass, such as during transport. With a stockinette, the carcass maintains its integrity in terms of weight and color. Our stockinettes can also be used as an efficient marketing tool by printing them with your logo.

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