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Presentation net

You want to make your meat products more attractive, but you don’t know how? Our presentation netting gives your products the extra dimension they need.

Our nets are available in a variety of colors, widths, shapes, and lengths (rolls, pre-cut, and sewed). Do you have a design in mind? Ask us and Greenflex will produce it for you. The possibilities are endless. Discover our presentation netting!

Presentation net

Product types

Diamant net (rhombus)

Minidiamant net

Hexagon net

Minihexagon net

Delta net

Christmas net

Tailor-made netting to improve your production efficiency

Jumbo roll

Close-knitted pieces

Loose in a box


A presentation net from Greenflex adds undeniable value to the presentation of your products.

Looking for the right packaging for your product?

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