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Fruit and vegetable nets

Our fruit and vegetable nets consist of high-quality cellulose fibers, making them fully biodegradable.

They offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic nets.

Innovative and sustainable netting

Discover our biodegradable fruit and vegetable nets, available in a variety of packaging options, including sleeves, on a roll or loose in a box.

Engineered to match the resilience of plastic, these nets boast certification for food contact compliance under 1935/2004 regulations. What sets them apart is their full biodegradability, empowering consumers to compost them at home post-use or recycle them alongside paper and cardboard materials.

Benefits of our biodegradable nets


Product presentation

With different colors, strengths and diameters, we offer several options to meet any packaging need.


The nets are made of cellulose, derived from wood pulp, allowing consumers to compost the nets at home.


There are multiple packaging options, including sleeves, on rolls and loose in a box, to optimize production.


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