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What is SlimFresh®?

What is SlimFresh®?

SlimFreshThe SlimFresh®️ exists of a flat cardboard, a thin high barrier foil liner and a vacuum skin foil on top, which acts as an invisible second skin around the product. The skin packaging offers the possibility of extending the shelf-life of the food in comparison with MAP packaging, which guarantees greater freshness and durability over time. The purpose of the SlimFresh® is mostly for Skin Applications, think of meat, fish, and cheese. Additionally, this skin packaging is a great advertising tool because of its fully printable cardboard in up to 4 colors (CMYK). 

The SlimFresh® is the solution to creating a balance between consumer, producer, and climate demands. Especially with the implementation of the green deal, recyclability is becoming more important within the packaging industry. This is why we developed a cardboard where, after usage, the different layers can be easily separated from each other by using our easy-split precut corner. This results in a 100% recyclable packaging. 

What are the advantages of Slimfresh?

The possibilities with SlimFresh® are endless. This packaging technology does not only provide a perfect product presentation because of its fully printable cardboard, it ensures the separability of paper and cardboard perfectly. Through this technology, the plastic component can be reduced up to 90 percent, meeting consumer and political demands. The final advantage of this sustainable packaging method (skin) is the significant increase in shelf life in comparison to standard packaging (MAP & top seal). 

Product Presentation

Make your product stand out in the shelves with a fully printable cardboard.


The materials are perfectly separable from each other allowing the customer to recycle plastic & cardboard perfectly.


The plastic component in SlimFresh® is reduced up to 90%. Meeting consumer and political demand for greener packaging.

Shelf Life

The vacuum skin foil ensures an extended shelf life in comparison to traditional packaging.

How to choose the right fit for your company?

To decide the right fit for your product. You need to ask 3 questions:

This depends on the kind of product you are offering.

  1. If you are packing lighter products like pate, we suggest our standard packaging. 
  2. If desired, we can also work with a lighter cardboard because then the cost of raw materials is reduced.
  3. If you are producing heavy pieces of food, we recommend a laminated cardboard. This means that two cardboards are combined to obtain a thicker cardboard.

We already have many standard European sizes available, but it is best to check if a new tool needs to be developed for the desired format. Please contact us to see if your desired dimension is already available.

These are also PaperSeal formats which can be useful if you are interested to process both packaging on your machine.

Greenflex offers 4 standard options:

  1. Plastic liner front (Cryovac Darfresh) and varnish anti humidity on the back
  2. Plastic liner front (Cryovac Darfresh) and back
  3. Plastic liner front (standard pe/evoh/pe) and varnish anti humidity on the back
  4. Plastic liner front (standard pe/evoh/pe) and back

Concerning the front liner, a choice is made between Darfresh (from Cryovac) or Standard PE liner. The advantage of a Darfresh liner in comparison to a standard one is that there is a perfect sealing in any condition without any risk to have drip losses. Moreover, there is a perfect easy opening excluding encapsulation.
For the back liner, usually, a thin glossy or matt liner are sufficient to withstand the cold of a refrigerator (this is a very small amount of plastic that does not cause any recycling problems).

It is important to say that the choice of materials is made in consultation with the customer in order to find the best cardboard for the packed product, but also to find the right balance between plastic and cardboard (taking in account the waste regulations of the target market).

Additional options

Pre-Cut corner

Facilitate the recycling process for your customer by adding an easysplit pre-cut corner to your cardboard.


Ensure your product fits in every shelf. A Eurohook enables proper presentation of your packaging in stores. 

FSC certificate

Make your packaging even greener with FSC approved cardboard. Additionally, we are able to offer PEFC approved cardboard.

Examples on the Benelux market.

Road to success with SlimFresh®.

50/100 digital printed pieces for marketing purposes

2500 pieces for an industrial test

Production from 30/50/100/200/500k pieces according to size and customer needs

Production in 35/40 days from order approval and approval of design

Possibility to buy raw material in advance and keep for future orders to reduce timing and avoid loosing time

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