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Introducing PaperSeal®, designed and patented by Mondini and Graphic Packaging International, a revolutionary tray made from pre-cut cardboard and a protective barrier film.

Its easily removable plastic film ensures recycling. Plus, it slashes plastic usage by an impressive 80-90% compared to conventional plastic trays, all without compromising on quality.

Alternative for plastic MAP and skin trays.

PaperSeal® offers a range of innovative solutions for sustainable food packaging suitable for both skin, MAP and topseal applications.

In addition to significantly reducing plastic, the paperboard is also produced from sustainable managed forests. Moreover, the trays are fully compatible with the 4evergreen guidelines. Whether consumers manually separate the plastic from the cardboard or not, this sustainable packaging will always be perfectly recycled.

Thanks to its unique construction with a one-piece seal edge, our PaperSeal® packaging has a 0% risk of leaks, guaranteeing your products stay fresh and preventing food waste. Choose PaperSeal® and embrace a greener future for food packaging.


Product types

PaperSeal® MAP

PaperSeal® Skin

PaperSeal® Slice

PaperSeal® Cook

PaperSeal® Shape

PaperSeal® Wedge

Benefits of PaperSeal®

Product presentation

Make your product stand out on store shelves with a fully printable carton.


The materials are perfectly separable from each other, allowing the customer to perfectly recycle plastic & cardboard.


The PaperSeal® provides up to 90% plastic reduction and is compatible with the 4evergreen Design4Recycling guidelines.


Shelf life

PaperSeal® guarantees the same shelf life as with traditional plastic packaging for MAP or SKIN.


In practice

Curious about the possibilities for your product?

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