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What is the PaperSeal?


At Greenflex we are constantly searching for new products and how we can serve our customers even better. Next to that, taking care of our planet is highly valued by Greenflex. For these reasons, we would like to introduce our new sustainable packaging solutions that will allow you to adapt to the economy of tomorrow and make sure you do not miss the trend of sustainable packaging.

In this post, we will introduce you to the PaperSeal® by giving you a better view on its production process and the way you can use it.

What is the PaperSeal®?

Paperseal is a revolutionary food tray that is made from a pre-cut cardboard and a protective plastic foil which can be easily removed from the packaging, facilitating the recycling process. If you would compare the PaperSeal® with traditional trays, this new packaging allows you to reduce the plastic component by about 80%.

A big advantage of the PaperSeal® is that the cardboard is made of 1 piece, which gives you the assurance that there is absolutely no possibility to have leaks. This will have a tremendous effect on the shelf life of your products. The top layer packaging can be done with a Top Seal, Modified Atmosphere (MAP) or Vacuum Skin.

The PaperSeal® cardboard packaging tray can be stacked which allows minimal space utilization during transportation. Furthermore, it features an exclusive welding process that generates a perfectly sealed surface. Besides, it is possible to customize the entire surface of the tray internally and externally.  This favors a 360-degree premium branding that perfectly meets the requirements of customer targeting.

Why is the PaperSeal® important?

We all need to contribute to a better future. In this framework, Greenflex now offers its customers an alternative to the current (MAP and VSP) plastic trays. It’s an ecofriendly product which also allows an extended shelf life, leading to reduced food waste. This innovative product supports the overall direction taken by the Green Deal and the EU. Moreover, customer behaviour is changing and no longer undeniable. By offering the PaperSeal®, we make sure that you do not miss the trend of sustainable food packaging.

Production process of PaperSeal®

Real examples of the PaperSeal®

In short

PaperSeal® is the only recyclable tray which is made out of 1 piece. It can help you build a new system that expands the opportunities to replace MAP and VSP plastic trays by combining a pre-cut cardboard and a protective plastic foil. This recyclable form of packaging gives you the opportunity to build brand awareness, reduce plastic by 80% and increase the shelf life of your product. For more information about our sustainable food packaging product line, visit our product page or contact us directly.
Trade fairs

Greenflex participates at Empack 2024!

Greenflex is present at Empack, the most important Benelux venue for the packaging industry with more than 250 packaging companies. In addition we will present the SlimFresh®, SliceFresh®, PaperSeal® Cook & PaperSeal® Shape.

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