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The SliceFresh®️, designed by Mondini, consists of cardboard with a thin barrier film, to which a MAP film is applied by a traysealer of your choice to ensure optimal preservation. Ideal for charcuterie or cheese slices.

Thanks to innovative MAP packaging, consumers can separate each slice with ease. But that’s not all – our packaging features a resealable design, enhancing shelf life and combating food waste.

SliceFresh®️ takes sustainability seriously, offering packaging that is not only convenient but also 100% recyclable. With our unique ‘easysplit pre-cut’ corner, separating cardboard from plastic is a breeze. Join us in our commitment to a greener future with SliceFresh®️.

Building on the success of SlimFresh®.

A breakthrough innovation in sustainable packaging for sliced cheese and meat products.

This new system was developed and launched to apply the benefits of using cardboard packaging to sliced food products packaged under MAP.

Benefits of SliceFresh®


The cardboard is easily separated from the plastic, resulting in perfect recyclability.

Powerful branding

The SliceFresh® can be fully printed with your marketing story.


Easy to open and reseal resulting in less food waste.


In practice

Curious about the possibilities for your product?

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