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Pressed Board Tray

Discover our Pressed Board Trays®, designed and patented by Graphic Packaging International, ideal for frozen food and food service applications. These trays are mainly made of renewable material compatible with most recycling systems in Europe.

Pressed Board Trays® can be safely heated in both conventional ovens and microwaves. The exterior of the trays can be fully customized to your requirements.

Fully customizable to your product and market needs

Our Pressed Board Tray® is available in a variety of solutions to best serve each customer, product and market.

These trays are suitable for MAP, foodservice, ready meals and flow packaging. In addition, they are extremely sturdy and can be reheated in both oven and microwave.

Benefists of the Pressed Board Tray®

Active packaging

The technology allows the use of specially colored laminates and printed films.

Material replacement

Pressed Board Trays® are increasingly replacing plastic trays.


90 to 100% of the material comes from renewable sources.

Powerful branding

Fully printable for attractive branding and communication.


In practice

Curious about the possibilities for your product?

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