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The Paper2Skin®, designed by Mondini, employs groundbreaking Top Skin Web technology, elevating traditional slice packaging to new heights.

The close embrace of the film not only extends the product’s shelf life but also minimizes transport volume by a remarkable 40%. Moreover, it effortlessly facilitates consumer separation of the slices, while offering boundless visual creativity.

As a sustainable packaging solution, Paper2Skin® is proudly PEFC/FSC certified and boasts a significantly reduced plastic content.

Unique and innovative skin packaging

Present your brand like never before with its endless printing possibilities. From vibrant colors to intricate designs, Paper2Skin enhances your branding and communication strategies.

Its innovative design makes it easy to separate slices, eliminating consumer frustration. It also simplifies the packaging process, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.

Benefits of Paper2Skin®


Innovative material with significantly less plastic. The cardboard is FSC/PEFC certified. Recycle the packaging completely into paper.


The packaging is easy to open and the slices are easy to separate, avoiding consumer frustration.

Powerful branding

By laser cutting the paper, we can create windows in different shapes. Discover the endless possibilities with the fully printable board.

Less work, higher productivity

Produce without human intervention with an all-in-one solution.


In practice

Curious about the possibilities for your product?

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