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Olivier Duyvejonck – Student International Business Management, 04/06/2021

A semester at Greenflex is so much more than an internship. It is a way to connect with people, broaden your expertise and get insights in different aspects of business.

At Greenflex, you’re not just an intern. You are part of a dynamic team with an open mindset in a highly international environment. I get to grow professionally and personally, every day is a new challenge. The dynamic between me and my colleagues is perfect and we don’t only get along professionally but personally as well. I often get the necessary constructive feedback and work in a flexible environment. As an intern, you are fully involved in the company.

Olivier Duyvejonck

You get the opportunity to think critically, develop your skills, and have a direct impact on the business.

During the onboarding process I got to learn the ins and outs of the industry. Several webinars and meetings later, I had a good understanding of the company and its products. At Greenflex, you are involved in every decision and your opinion is valued


As a marketeer I was able to unleash my creativity by designing marketing campaigns, writing blogposts, building customer reviews and even contributing to the brochure. Additionally, I got the opportunity to work on projects in Sales, Supply Chain Management and Quality management. There is a place for every talent and skill at Greenflex.

I chose this internship because of its interesting industry, international context and the open, collaboration-focused environment Greenflex has to offer.

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