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Pulp Tray

Discover our Pulp tray, which is the perfect blend of sustainability and performance. Fully recyclable and made from high-quality fibres, our trays are FSC certified and can be reused multiple times, reducing plastic by over 85% and carbon footprint by over 75%.

The trays are lightweight yet exceptionally strong and ensure the highest food safety standards. With a natural, smooth finish, printed with your marketing story, our pulp trays enhance the freshness and appeal of your product, showcasing your commitment to a greener future.

Benefits of the Pulp Tray®

Food safety

The packaging process excludes chemicals such as mineral oils and PFAS, ensuring the highest level of food safety by using primary fibres and clean processes.


Pulp trays offer excellent barrier properties, protecting food from the time of filling until consumption and maintaining freshness.


The pulp is FSC certified and fully recyclable. The moulded pulp packaging can be reused multiple times (utilization rate of more than 95%) due to its high-quality fibre content, significantly reducing waste. The use of pulp results in a significant reduction of plastic and CO2 due to its low-weighting.

Powerful branding

Fully printable for attractive branding and communication.


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