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Netting machines


Improve your production process

Save energy and time

Product types

Where Greenflex quality netting and quality machinery meet. Greenflex offers machinery to improve your production process. Our European-made netting machines save you and your employees time and energy. Have a look at the machinery we are currently offering. 

Net Loader

Work cycle

  1. Place an empty tube inside the net loader
  2. Pull the Greenflex net on the tube
  3. Close the door
  4. The net loader will automatically load the net on the tube


Work cycle

  1. Pull your Greenflex net over the tunnel
  2. Place your product in the tunnel
  3. Push the button
  4. Get your product nicely wrapped

Rollmatic ®

Work cycle

  1. Place your meat in the tunnel
  2. Adjust your elastic twine
  3. Push the button
  4. The Rollmatic® will tie your product

Pneumatic Net Opener

Work cycle

  1. Pull the Greenflex net around the machine
  2. Open the machine with a push on the button
  3. Insert the meat
  4. The pneumatic net loader will adjust the net to the shape of your product

How the Net Loader works

Netting that is used with our machinery

Stability netting

Micromesh netting

Process netting

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