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Stability netting


Proven quality thanks to the knitting technique

An attractive and parallel shaped product is guaranteed

Product types

Have a look at our wide range of stability netting for meat which entails polyester meat netting, cotton netting, and ham smoking nets. Because of our qualitative knitting technique, we assure that our nettings are very stable which leads to a nice presentation on the meat.

All nettings are food grade and in accordance to the FSSC 22000 standards.

Standard (S-type)

Roast (R-type)

Super (SU-type)

Force (F-type)

Standard RED (RED5-type)

Super RED (RED3-type)

Classic (E-type)

Standard WR (WR5-type)

Super WR (WR3-type)

Super FR (FR3-type)

Greenflex netting machines

Our stability netting are compatible with Greenflex netting machines to improve your production efficiency. Read more about our machinery on the product page!

Tailor-made meat netting to improve your production efficiency

Pre-cut pieces

Pre-clipped pieces

Jumbo rolls
Loose in a box

Do you want smaller meshes?

Check our micromesh netting range!

Want to know how to choose the right stability netting?