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What are the applications of elastic loops?

What are chicken loops?

Decades ago, supermarkets and poultry processors used to hand tie their products. High costs and a high chance of cross-contamination were the main issues in this process. So, chicken loops were introduced to the poultry industry.  The primary use for these elastic loops was to increase efficiency, save time and promote food safety. Nowadays these loops are being used for other purposes as well, for example meat tying. 

Elastic loops

Main applications

Chicken loops

The intended use of chicken loops is binding of the poultry legs which facilitates the roasting process. They consist of two or three food grade rubber threads and are covered with cotton or polyester yarns. They are perfect for rotisserie chicken and they can as well be used for tying bacon wrapped filets and many other food preparations. The advantage of the binding rings is that it improves the handling of the product (carcasses can no longer fall open), and therefore avoids damage to the meat. 

Our highly automated production process provides chicken loops of high quality and is in accordance with all food safety standards. The loops are easy to use and available in a wide range of different sizes, types and colors to meet your production needs. 

Worldwide applications

Greenflex and elastic loops

With experience dating back to the 80’s, Greenflex offers these loops to poultry processors worldwide. We combine our inexhaustive technical knowhow with the newest improvements of traceability and food safety. Additionally, we are always looking for improvements of our products based on the needs of our clients. Do you need a custom solution? Our pre-tied elastic loops meet all your packaging demands.

For more information about the Greenflex chicken loops, visit our product page or contact us directly.

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