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Ranobo’s Sustainable Nut Packaging with PaperSeal® Trays


At Greenflex Packaging, we take pride in our journey of innovation and unwavering commitment to sustainability. When we collaborate with partners who share our dedication to the environment, remarkable transformations take place. Such a transformation unfolded when we joined forces with Ranobo, a company that started as a modest nut bar inside a Belgian delicatessen in 1995 and has since grown into a leading wholesaler of nuts, dried fruits, and rice crackers in Belgium. Ranobo’s dedication to product quality and customer service has been unwavering, but they also aimed to pivot towards a more sustainable future. As part of this ambitious commitment, Ranobo sought to replace plastic packaging for its Quality Nuts brand with an eco-friendlier alternative.

Ranobo's slogan is not without reason "It's in the little things," and Greenflex's trays confirm that for our brand, quality takes priority in every detail.

The Challenge: Sustainability at the Forefront

At Greenflex Packaging, sustainability is embedded in our DNA, and we were thrilled to partner with Ranobo, a brand that echoed our values. Ranobo’s core identity revolves around ethical sourcing and a profound respect for the environment, exemplified by their ‘green wall’ of plants covering their Belgian base. With a product portfolio centered on healthy snacks, embracing sustainability was a natural progression that deeply resonated with consumers. Packaging, being a vital aspect of their brand, was pivotal in their strategy. As plastic legislation became more stringent across Europe, and consumer preferences

shifted toward eco-conscious choices, Ranobo embarked on a journey to find alternatives to the plastic trays they had been using. While circularity and recyclability were top priorities for the new packaging, they couldn’t compromise on performance. The new solution had to match the functionality and shelf life of their existing plastic trays. Furthermore, they wanted a packaging that would stand out on the retail shelf.

The Solution: Fiber-Based PaperSeal® trays by Greenflex Packaging, designed by Graphic Packaging and G. Mondini

Ranobo found its sustainable packaging solution in Greenflex Packaging, a company synonymous with innovation and a steadfast commitment to sustainability. Together, we transitioned from plastic trays to our cutting-edge fiber-based PaperSeal® trays, setting a new benchmark in sustainable packaging solutions. In the subsequent sections, you find a detailed exploration of the packaging’s benefits.

These trays are lined with a barrier that includes a unique continuous sealing flange, ensuring a perfect hermetic seal—equivalent to traditional plastic trays.

What makes our PaperSeal® trays exceptional is their construction from renewable plant-based fiber sourced from sustainably managed forests. After use, consumers can easily remove the liner, simplifying the recycling process. This innovation not only reduces plastic waste but also aligns seamlessly with Ranobo’s dedication to eco-friendliness.

These paperboard trays offer the structural protection and rigidity that Ranobo’s customers expect, ensuring a consistent level of performance.

The trays provide excellent visibility, allowing shoppers to appreciate the product quality inside—a crucial factor in the world of premium nuts and dried fruits.

The Results: Sustainability Triumphs, Shelf Appeal, and Compliance

The results of this partnership are nothing short of remarkable. By adopting PaperSeal® trays, Ranobo has reaffirmed its commitment to sustainability while standing out on retail shelves. The innovative packaging underscores their eco-friendly stance and captures the discerning eyes of shoppers. Additionally, the ease of removing the tray’s liner after use empowers consumers to contribute to the circular economy by recycling the paperboard portion of the tray in household waste streams. Ranobo isn’t merely keeping pace with evolving plastic regulations; they’re exceeding consumer demands and expectations.

In collaboration with Greenflex Packaging and designed by Graphic Packaging and G. Mondini, Ranobo is redefining the way nuts and snacks are packaged. They’ve not only embraced sustainability but have also elevated their brand’s visibility, solidifying their position as leaders in quality and eco-consciousnessThis partnership exemplifies the power of innovation and the dedication to a brighter, more sustainable future. It’s a testament to how multiple companies can come together to make a meaningful difference—one eco-friendly tray at a time.

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