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What is the PaperSeal® Cook?


As you may have already heard about the PaperSeal® tray in our previous blogpost, PaperSeal® is a revolutionary food tray that is made from pre-cut cardboard and a protective plastic foil that can be easily removed from the packaging, which facilitates the recycling process.

Just like the initial PaperSeal® solution, “PaperSeal® Cook” reduces the plastic component in your food packaging up to 80% in comparison to traditional trays. The state-of-the-art seal integrity ensures your product stays fresh, with a shelf life equivalent to plastic trays. Additionally, the paperboard is produced from renewable fiber, sourced from sustainably managed forests.

What is PaperSeal® Cook?

Because of consumer demand for convenient home-cooked foods in sustainable packaging, it has become clear that sustainable cardboard packaging must meet the functionality of standard plastic trays. Graphic Packaging International, the designer of the PaperSeal®, has perfected the PaperSeal® tray technology together with G. Mondini to enable oven and microwave-ready applications.

In contrast to the traditional PaperSeal® tray, the PaperSeal® Cook can be taken from the fridge or freezer to the microwave or oven. A special liner combined with a particular paperboard and varnish/inks offer several solutions for different kinds of products. The only sacrifice to be made is that the inside of the tray and the flange must remain white, but the external cardboard can be customized with the design of your brand (offset print of 5+5 colors).

Applications of the PaperSeal® Cook

Because of its specifically designed PET layer, the PaperSeal® Cook guarantees safe packaging. GPI has conducted positive migration tests on several food products. However, these tests are not replicable for whatever application you will be using the PaperSeal® Cook for. According to the GMP (2023/2006), it is still the responsibility of the company that will process the PaperSeal® Cook to ensure there will be no migration during the process. It goes without saying that the recommended use will be obtained by performing various tests with samples made available by Greenflex.

The PaperSeal® Cook can be used for several chilled and frozen cook-at-home products, for example:

Trade fairs

Greenflex participates at Empack 2024!

Greenflex is present at Empack, the most important Benelux venue for the packaging industry with more than 250 packaging companies. In addition we will present the SlimFresh®, SliceFresh®, PaperSeal® Cook & PaperSeal® Shape.

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